What is StudentLIFE?

StudentLIFE is an exciting experience just for Junior High and High School students (6th-12th grade). StudentLIFE is an opportunity for students to connect with other students and Jesus through teaching, games, worship, small groups, and hangouts every Wednesday from 6:30-8:00 pm.

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You can catch a glimpse of Collide Weekend 2021 to give you an idea of what StudentLIFE looks like in the video below.

When is StudentLIFE?

StudentLIFE happens each Wednesday night at 6:30-8:00pm at The Exchange building.

Does StudentLIFE Happen on Sundays?

It is called StudentLIFE EXTRA.
StudentLIFE EXTRA is an additional opportunity for students, grades 6-12, to gather together on a Sunday morning to build community and study the Word.


SL EXTRA meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month during the 11 o'clock gathering.
SL EXTRA is not meant to be a replacement for corporate worship; it is a hybrid experience meant to ease in and encourage students to join the larger spiritual body as Scripture reminds us in Hebrews 10.
The idea is that students would join their family and spiritual family at 9:30 the morning gathering and then attend SL EXTRA at 11:00 on the weeks it meets. On the other weeks students should attending one of the two gatherings and serve during the other gathering.


To help with spacing SL EXTRA meets away from The Exchange Building at Kimery Martial Arts, which is just around the block. The address is 306 Babbin Wells Rd. Pearl, MS 39208

Check-in & Check-Out for STUDENTLIFE EXTRA:

We use a check in system that prints a sticker for each child with their parent's name and number listed on it. Parents are given a matching sticker they must present in order to check their child out. This prevents children from going home with the wrong person!
Parents should check in their student using the kiosks in the Check-In lobby at The Exchange and can even begin the pre-check-in process using the Church Center App.
Parents are then responsible for checking-out their student from Kimery Martial Arts after the 11 o'clock gathering ends.


Preferred Method & Timing:
Check your student in and then all students will gather in The Exchange cafe by 10:45 at which time students and leaders will travel together to Kimery Martial Arts.
I'm running a little behind Method & Timing:
Check your student in and then all students will gather in The Exchange cafe by 10:55 at which time any remaining students and the designated leader for late arrivals will travel together to Kimery Martial Arts.
I'm late Method & Timing:
If you are arriving after 10:55. Pre-check your student in using the Church Center App, take your student directly to Kimery Martial Arts, and complete the check-in process with Student Pastor Matthew Stevens.
All students who are being transported by someone other than their parent/guardian must complete a transportation waiver. The digital waiver can be found below or a physical copy can be acquired an completed by speaking with Student Pastor Matthew Stevens.


Develop your child’s character
with expertise from childhood development leaders, educators, and real parents just like you.
Build an everyday faith
through fun Bible story videos, memory verses, prayers, and conversation prompts.
Establish a lasting connection
by making the most of the moments you already spend together at morning time, meal time, drive time, and bedtime.

How  can I help out?

Our heart is to meet students where they are and lead them to where God wants them to be. We believe there is great value in investing in the next generation! If you’d like to be a part, we’d love to have you, just fill out the form below.

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