What should I wear?
Don’t feel like you have to dress up. Most people dress in casual clothing, but you are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable. We are much more interested in who you are, not what you’re wearing.

Where do I park?
New guest parking spaces are available by our main entrance along with handicap parking. There are additional parking spaces all around our building. You may park in the Trustmark Bank parking lot, and there are parking spaces provided on both sides of Bright Shopping Center. Additional parking is available across Bierdeman from our building, in the Heart of Pearl shopping center.

Where do I go when I arrive?
Our main entrance is located on the backside of Trustmark Bank. If you have preschool or elementary age children with you, you may enter through our KidLIFE and LittleLIFE entrance, located on the Bierdeman Rd. side of our building. When you enter, you will be greeted by people in orange lanyards who will help you know where to check-in your children, where to find coffee or a restroom, and how to find the main gathering space.

How long is the gathering?
Our worship gatherings are around 65-75 minutes in length.

Can I attend if I'm _______?
Fill in the blank with whatever fear you have about not being accepted: divorced, single parent, broke, recovering addict, LGBTQ+, atheist, skeptic, etc. Everyone is welcome to come to the The Exchange gathering. So come as you are, and we’ll see you on Sunday!

How are you handling social distancing?
We will be limiting crowding throughout our building to help keep everyone safe and healthy. There will be new exits for the gathering, and more hand sanitizer stations near the entrances and exits. We have new procedures for dropping off and picking up LittleLIFE (birth through kindergarten) children, as well as limited spots available in each LittleLIFE room. KidLIFE (1st – 5th grades) will only happen during our 11:00 gathering to help with limited gathering space and limited doorholders.

What if I’m not ready to come in-person?
We understand many of you may not be ready to gather in-person quite yet. That’s ok! We will still provide ways for you to be a part of the gathering online. The gathering will be available through our website, YouTube, or Facebook each Sunday at 9:30 & 11:00am. There is also experiences for your LittleLIFE & KidLIFE age kids on the Parent Cue YouTube.

Do I have to wear a mask to attend the gathering?
Masks are optional. We are asking anyone who is not comfortable in person to join us for the online gathering at 9:30 or 11:00am on our website, Facebook, or YouTube. Thanks for your understand as we seek to love our neighbor!

Will there be activities for my LittleLIFE kids (birth-kindergarten)?
Yes, we invite you to drop off your birth – kindergarten age children in LittleLIFE for them to experience God on their level. Our check-in team will do a quick check of their temp with a contactless thermometer. We will serve them a snack during the hour they are in our care, but only after everyone has used hand sanitizer and any relevant surfaces are cleaned.

Will there be activities for my KidLIFE kids (1st-5th grade)?
Yes, we invite you to drop off your 1st-5th grader in KidLIFE for them to experience God on their level. For now, our KidLIFE experiences will be during the 11:00 gathering only. Our check-in team will do a quick check of their temp with a contactless thermometer. We will serve them a snack during the hour they are in our care, but only after everyone has used hand sanitizer and any relevant surfaces are cleaned.

During the 9:30 gathering we ask that your KidLIFE kid sit in the gathering with you. We will provide activity kits at the door to help keep their attention during the gathering. You can also bring a tablet and headphones so your KidLIFE kid can engage with the online KidLIFE experience on YouTube during the sermon.

How will I check-in my kids?
Our Check-In Lobby has three touchless self-check-in stations and one manned station for new families. The side parking lot will have barriers to provide safety as you check your kids in and out. We are asking that every parent checking in a child download the Church Center App on your Apple Device or Android Device and check your kids in before approaching the desk. This will help our check-in process remain as touch-free as possible. If you do not have the Church Center App, or if you are unsure about how to check your kid in through the app, don’t worry! We will also have doorholders stationed to help you.

Will LittleLIFE or KidLIFE doorholders be required to wear a mask?
The CDC guidelines for daycares do not require teachers to wear masks, but doorholders may still choose to. There are some younger children who are weary of strangers in masks, so in those instances our doorholders do remove their mask so the child can see the bright smiling face behind it.

How will we enter the building?
We have moved our entrance to the gathering, and everyone will now enter from outside directly into the main gathering space. An usher will seat you in the next socially-distant seat available. If you are checking in LittleLIFE or KidLIFE kids, you will check them in at the check-in lobby off of Bierdeman Rd. and then the rest of the family can walk around to the parking lot behind Trustmark Bank to enter the gathering space.

How will we sit?
Families or “parties” will be seated together after everyone in that “party” is present, and our ushers will leave chairs in between each group or "party". We have already distanced the rows in the gathering space for social distancing. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we will not be able to allow you to select your seat or save seats during this season of social distancing.

What if the gathering space reaches the new limited capacity?
We will have two overflow spaces setup to accommodate people who show up late, or after the main gathering space has reached capacity. We would ask for doorholders to please be aware of first time guests and be willing to give up their seat in the main gathering space if necessary to seat new people.

What is your plan and process for cleaning the church building?
Our building will be deep cleaned each weekend before our Sunday gatherings.