What Is Kidlife?

KidLIFE is a high-energy environment each Sunday morning for 1st-5th grade children.

KidLIFE is a place where kids can learn about Jesus on their level through videos, games, teaching, small groups, live acting, and music. KidLIFE takes place each Sunday during the 9:30 & 11:00 gatherings in the Theater.

(You can catch a glimpse of Kamp KidLIFE 2021 in the video below!)

When Is Kidlife?

KidLIFE takes place in person each Sunday during the 9:30 & 11:00 gatherings in the Theater. There is also an online experience that follows along with the KidLIFE Sunday lessons available through the Next Gen Page!

Will My Kid Be Safe?

Our KidLIFE team is made up of background-checked, loving individuals who are ready to welcome your child. We use a check in system that prints a sticker for each child with their parents name & number listed on it. Parents are given a matching sticker they must present in order to check their child out. This prevents children from going home with the wrong person! The sticker your child has also has any known allergies listed to make sure your little one is always safe.

You can even skip the check in line by downloading the Church Center App, preregistering your child, and then using the check in option in the app!


Develop your child’s character
with expertise from childhood development leaders, educators, and real parents just like you.
Build an everyday faith
through fun Bible story videos, memory verses, prayers, and conversation prompts.
Establish a lasting connection
by making the most of the moments you already spend together at morning time, meal time, drive time, and bedtime.

How Can I Help Out?

KidLIFE is the place where you can serve one hour each week and make a BIG impact in the life of a kid! No special skills required. Spots are available for smiling face, game leaders, Bible story teachers, ProPresenter operators, snack preparers, worship leaders, and environment hosts. We always love for parents to come and serve in KidLIFE with their kids, but anyone can join us! So if this sounds like something you would want to give a try tap the button below!