What is a doorholder?

We say Doorholders instead of volunteers because volunteers can sound like people who randomly sign up and hopefully show up, while Doorholders take ownership and take great pleasure in opening a way for others to see and experience Jesus. Doorholders are the backbone of our family at The Exchange!
Who we are: Doorholders are people who take great pleasure in opening the way for others to experience Jesus.
What we do: Doorholders see and serve the people they encounter in our family.
When we serve: Many of our doorholder teams serve on Sunday mornings during our Sunday Gathering, but there are multiple other options throughout the week for doorholders to serve.


The Exchange has a number of different amazing Doorholder teams. We would love to invite you to join us in serving on one of these important teams in our house.
  • Online Serve Opportunities - We recognize that in this season not everyone is able or comfortable coming to The Exchange building. But that does not mean there are not meaningful opportunities for you to serve online or from home! 
  • StudentLIFE – StudentLIFE is a midweek experience for 6th-12th grade. Our heart is to meet students where they are and lead them to where God wants them to be. If you’d like to be a part, we’d love to have you. We believe there is great value in investing in the next generation.
  • KidLIFE – KidLIFE is the place where you can serve one hour each week and make a BIG impact in the life of a kid! No special skills required. Spots are available for smiling face, game leaders, Bible story teachers, ProPresenter operators, snack preparers, worship leaders, and environment hosts.
  • LittleLIFE – In LittleLIFE, our vision is to create an environment where preschoolers can come and hear the gospel on their level, be transformed, and become disciples of Jesus. We do this through playtime, games, snacks, puppets, and story time.
  • Guest Services – Guest Services intentionally and purposefully creates a welcoming environment for all guests to enter into by greeting, serving, and connecting with everyone who comes through the doors each week.
  • Worship/Tech – As a worship | tech team member, we create a distraction-free environment for our worship experience. From the stage, to lights, sound, online, we aim to honor God with a heart of technical excellence.
  • Cleaning Team – Our role is to create a clean and welcoming environment for all those God would bring through our doors. We believe people see us before they hear us, and we want to do our part to connect people to the truth of Jesus and to a spiritual community.
  • Safety Team – The safety and security of our building and people is extremely important. If you have security, safety, or medical training or experience, this team would be a great fit for you to use your skills to give life to others by ensuring our safety and security.
  • Counseling – Counseling Team is an opportunity to encourage, counsel, and pray for others as God is working in their lives. On the counseling team, you will serve one time a month at the end of our Sunday Gatherings.
  • Check-In – The security of our kids is extremely important and our check-in team serves to make sure your children get to the correct environments for their age level and leave with the correct guardians.  This team greets our families and inputs important data into the KidMin computer system.
If you are interested in finding out more information about or connecting with one of these teams, you can fill out the form below.