LIFEgroup Studies

You & Me Forever

Francis and Lisa Chan dive deep into the message they've had on their hearts regarding marriage.

"While we cannot allow lesser things to destroy our marriages, we also cannot allow marriage to distract us from greater things. A jealous God asks us to pursue Him first and most. Then life makes sense, and everything falls into its proper place."

This is an eight week series with videos for each session, a full length book (optional), and study guides.


Francis Chan and Mark Beuving lay out how to become a disciple that makes disciples.

Jesus gave his followers a command: “Follow me.” And a promise: “And I will equip you to find others to follow me.” We were made to make disciples. Designed for use in discipleship relationships and other focused settings, Multiply will equip you to carry out Jesus’s ministry.

This is an twenty-four week series with a full length book, session study guides, and leader videos for each session.
The sessions are broken into five parts. 
(If twenty-four weeks sounds too long you can complete a part, do something else, and return to the next part later.)