Did you hear the BIG news about what’s NEXT?

God has answered years of prayers and waiting with the provision of more space!

And we cannot stop celebrating God's faithfulness to our spiritual family!!

Listen to Pastor Bryant share about what's NEXT.

You can also hear the full story and an update on what has happened at the building in the videos beneath it!

Hear the incredible God story that led us to what's NEXT.

Check out the update to what has been happening!

As we prepare for what’s NEXT, join us in doing 3 things:


This provision of more space has come after years of prayers and obedience and months of negotiating and waiting. It has been a process, and we are still in a process! Let’s continue to be patient together as our leadership works with architects and contractors over the coming months to map out the next steps in this journey.

- BE Prayerful

God has answered years of prayers, but that doesn’t mean we stop praying now! Let’s join together in praying prayers of praise and thanksgiving for God’s provision. Also pray asking God how does He want you to be a part of sacrificially trusting Him in the season ahead. 


We can’t be a part of what’s NEXT if we aren’t being obedient right NOW! The biggest way for you to be a part right now is to be obedient with whatever God calls you to. Our desire is to continue to be a spiritual family who is obedient in serving, giving, making disciples, praying, inviting, and loving right NOW, so that we will continue to see God move us to what’s NEXT.