We all think about money everyday. It impacts every area of our lives. Money is a struggle. 80% of Americans are caught up in the chains of debt. Let us help you in your journey towards freedom from the chains of debt! Below you'll find resources that address the "heart" issues around money and the "changes" issues around money.

Heart Resources

Bible Reading Plans on the Heart Behind Money

Sermon Series on the Heart Behind Money

Change Resources

Money Mondays Question Series

Money Mondays is a short four part video series discussing many of the money questions we have every day.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey started Ramsey Solutions in 1992 to share what he’d learned after fighting back from bankruptcy. Dave is now known as America’s trusted  voice on money and business. He’s a national radio personality with 16 million weekly listeners and seven bestselling books. Millions of people have ditched debt forever and turned their lives around by following his proven plan—the Baby Steps.

7 Baby Steps to become debt free and save for the future.
The Total Money Makeover is a proven plan for financial fitness.
A List of Helpful Tools and Resources to get you out of debt, create a budget, plan for retirement, purchase insurance, buy or sell a home, do your taxes, and even plan for your small business.

Crown Financial

Crown Financial offers multiple budgeting spreadsheets based on your household size to help you plan your monthly budget.

Financial Coaches to Contact

Jared Nelson and Carrie M Wassilak are financial coaches. You can click below to contact either of them via phone or email to set up a free consultation to learn how to manage your money so it doesn't manage you.
Jared Nelson
Phone: 601-918-4922
Email: [email protected]
Carrie M Wassilak
Phone: 601-955-2965
Email: [email protected]