Mental Health Grace Alliance

Mental Health Grace Alliance is creating a new future for mental health in the body of Christ … with real results!
In 2011, Mental Health Grace Alliance (“The Grace Alliance”) was founded to create practical and grace-filled resources for those living with mental health challenges (individuals + marriages/families). Mental Health Grace Alliance curriculums utilize a whole-health (i.e., holistic) approach, integrating evidence-based science (neuroscience, psychology, biomedical, etc.) and Biblical scriptures/faith experience for mental health recovery (resilience).

Crossroads Counseling Center

Life can be very challenging and at times even overwhelming.
Crossroads Counseling Center is a non-profit organization with over 25 counselors and six convenient locations in Central and South Mississippi (Pearl, Ridgeland, Clinton, Laurel, Hattiesburg, and Gulfport.)
Crossroads serves individuals and families with faith-based professional counseling guiding clients into healing and abundant living.
Help is available!

Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling is designed as a solution for people seeking traditional mental health therapy who would prefer hearing from the perspective of a Christian. If you are seeking a mental health professional who is a practicing Christian, Faithful Counseling may be a great option for you.

Faithful Counseling's unique platform holds several advantages over traditional face-to-face therapy as it allows you:
  • The ability to connect with your therapist at any time: therapy is not limited to individually scheduled sessions, but can extend to text-based therapy whenever your therapist is marked available.
  • The choice of communicating with your therapist in the manner that is most comfortable and convenient for you--by phone, video call, or messaging.
  • Drastically more affordable rates than traditional face-to-face therapy.
  • The assurance that your therapist will be a good fit; you are always welcome to switch to a different therapist if need be.

While your therapist may be able to offer you additional spiritual insight from personal knowledge, beliefs, and wisdom, there is no guarantee that your therapist will have the formal training to best address your faith-based issues.
If you are currently seeking counseling on strictly spiritual issues, such as advice on spiritual disciplines for connecting with God, Biblical wisdom, or matters related to spiritual warfare, Faithful Counseling is likely not your best option. On these matters, we recommend seeking traditional pastoral counseling such as through a church.