Whether you're engaged, newly married, previously married, or have been married for years, you can build your marriage on more than a hope and a prayer. We want to walk with you towards a healthier marriage! Below you'll find five resources to help start the journey.

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) is for engaged, married, and previously married couples. SYMBIS is a relational assessment and book designed to help you start or strengthen your marriage using award winning insights and counseling.

The SYMBIS Assessment gives you a personalized road map to making your marriage everything it was meant to be. Part of taking the Assessment is getting partnered with a SYMBIS Facilitator. The SYMBIS Assessment is incredibly powerful and robust. For this reason, a certified Facilitator is required to help you understand and apply all of the valuable information it contains. As you search for a Facilitator you will find that some of our pastors are certified to serve you in this way.

The book isn't necessary to get a Facilitator and take the assessment, but it is a great resource for couples to go through together and it comes with a discount code for the assessment. 
Love & Respect in 3 Statements:
  1. “Wives are made to love, want to love, and expect love. Husbands are made to be respected, want respect, and expect respect”.
  2. “When a husband feels disrespected, it is especially hard to love his wife. When a wife feels unloved, it is especially hard to respect her husband”.
  3. “Often, we focus on our own needs and simply overlook the needs of the other person”.

The book Love & Respect reveals why spouses react negatively to each other, and how they can deal with such conflict quickly, easily and biblically. Based on over three decades of counseling, as well as scientific and biblical research, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and his wife, Sarah, have already taken the Love and Respect message across America and are changing the way couples talk to, think about, and treat each other. What do you want for your marriage? Want some peace? Want to feel close? Want to feel valued? Want to experience marriage the way God intended? Then why not try some Love and Respect.

Love & Respect 15 Day Marriage Plan Email
7 emails over 15 days
The 15-Day Plan will guide you to . . .
  1. Do the #1 thing in a conversation that according to research can most help your relationship.
  2. Apply the 60-second test toward your spouse that reveals the power you have to influence the relationship.
  3. See a pink and blue difference that many have testified was an Ah-ha moment that changed their marriage for the better.
  4. Recognize that the method you use to motivate your spouse could be having the opposite effect you intend, even though you have goodwill.
  5. Jump off the Crazy Cycle that you keep spinning on because you innocently overlook decoding why you and your spouse react to each other.
  6. Soften the spirit of your spouse by writing a few sentences in a note that it will help you write.
  7. Understand the powerful significance and joy of giving your spouse what they need but do not deserve.
Lasting relationships, like anything worthwhile, take intentional commitment over time. But when you’re just not on the same page, keeping your love alive can feel intimidating – or even impossible.

Between busy schedules and long days, expressing love can fall by the wayside. We forget to compliment, to give gifts “just because,” to linger in our embrace. The things that say “I love you” seem to either not get said or not get through. This is a book about saying it—and hearing it—clearly. No gimmicks. No psychoanalyzing. Just learning to express love in your spouse’s language.

You can discover your love language through the Love Language quiz that fits your stage of life.

No matter who you are and where you are in life, there’s a book and 5 Love Languages quiz for you. Explore the complete library of The 5 Love Languages below and start growing closer today.

Marital Counseling

Often times what is needed most is to simply get the conversation started between you and your spouse. Our ministry team is available to help you get that conversation going. You can request a counseling session below.

Messages on Marriage