In July 2011, 7 people gathered in a living room to say, “Yes!” to God’s call to start a church in the city of Pearl. A few years later, God has grown The Exchange to what it is today, a family of people whose lives have been changed by His love, and who desire to give life to others. What God has allowed us to experience over the last few years has been incredible! We have seen marriages healed, families strengthened, the next generation impacted, our city served, and old lives exchanged for new ones in Christ. God’s work in and through The Exchange is only getting started. After seeing tremendous growth in our body, we began to sense that God was leading us to seek out MORE space, and MORE opportunities to love and serve people He sends our way. Immeasurably More is a way for us to generously thank God for what He has done, and step out in faith and obedience to prepare for the MORE that’s still to come.

MORE SPACE for kids, students, and the Gathering…

If you’ve walked through our building recently on a Sunday or Wednesday, you have seen that we are stretching the limits of our 11,000 sq. ft. building. In 2018, we completed a third addition to our LittleLIFE area that provides space for our preschoolers. They have filled up the new space, and need more room to run, play, and learn about Jesus on their level. Our KidLIFE ministry is growing! Our 1st – 5th graders currently have to transform their large group space into small group spaces each hour to accommodate the new groups being formed. StudentLIFE impacts our 6th – 12th graders each Wednesday night. To accommodate our students, we transform our worship gathering space into a student friendly environment, because they have outgrown every other area of our building. In August 2015, our growth propelled us to launch a second Sunday gathering, a third Sunday gathering launched April 2017, and we have seen all three gatherings filled on a Sunday morning. Immeasurably More will allow us to explore options to open up MORE SPACE for children, students, and the worship gathering.

MORE OPPORTUNITIES to bless and serve our church, city, and world…

Serving and blessing our church, city, and world has been one of our values from the beginning, and we have seen God use our obedience in this area in numerous ways. We have served hundreds of people through opportunities like the Mayor’s Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas in the Park, and Trick or Treat Street. We have also been able to provide for families in need of food through our thanksGIVING opportunity. We’ve been able to bless hundreds of school employees in our city’s school district, send love to law enforcement and city employees, and lend aid to those within our own Exchange family going through difficult seasons. Finally, we have generously given to global efforts through donating hygiene items in Compassion Kits, and scripture through the Seed Project. We’ve sent people to share the gospel around the world. Serving and blessing others allows us to demonstrate the hope and grace of Jesus! Giving to Immeasurably More will open up MORE OPPORTUNITIES for us to serve and bless our church, city, and world.


Who should give to Immeasurably More?
We invite anyone to give to Immeasurably More, but we’re not forcing anyone to give. Our prayer is that covenant members of The Exchange, or anyone who has been impacted by what God is doing through The Exchange will consider contributing to Immeasurably More. Someone gave sacrificially so you could be impacted and loved; we want you to experience the joy of impacting someone else.
Should I give to Immeasurably More instead of tithing?
No. Our first act of obedience when it comes to giving financially is to trust God with our tithe (10% of our income). Immeasurably More is an opportunity for those who feel led to give above and beyond their normal tithes and offerings.
What is our goal?
It’s really hard to set a defined goal, because we don’t know what, when and how God is going to provide. We believe it is our responsibility to walk in faith, both through our giving, and in our planning to trust God. He’s proven Himself over and over, and we believe He will do it again by providing the resources for MORE SPACE and MORE OPPORTUNITIES to reach children, students, and adults with the hope of Jesus!
When can I give to Immeasurably More?
You can give whenever you want – weekly, monthly, or whenever God leads you to.


1. You can give securely online by clicking on the “Give” button below.
2. Download the Church Center App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Follow a quick self-guided process to setup your account. After that, giving is as easy as opening an app!
3. Text any dollar amount to 84321 to give. Follow a quick self-guided process to setup your account.
4. You can give by check or cash at the Gathering on Sundays.
5. You can mail a check to:
          The Exchange
          P.O. Box 54525
          Pearl, MS 39288