Days of Giving

What's Days of Giving?

As we get closer and closer to the holiday season, we choose to use that time to bless people in our community and around the world with our generosity. We want to invite you into an opportunity called Days of Giving. Through Days of giving we are looking to bless people educationally, locally, and globally.


Since day one The Exchange has been passionate about connecting with and equipping the local school system. This year a key way we are going to do that is by blessing 700 students with a Christmas present.

  • $5 - Provides a Christmas Gift for Pearl First Grade Student
  • $5 - Provides a Christmas Gift for Pearl Kindergarten Student


As a local church we want to be known as being for the local community. For Days of Giving that means blessing local families in need to help remove the stress and anxiety of not being able to provide the essentials.

  • $25 Provides A Family’s Hygiene Items
  • $50 Provides A Family’s Water Bill
  • $50 Provides Clothing for a local child
  • $75 Provides A Family’s Power Bill
  • $100 Provides A Family’s Groceries
  • $500 Provides A Family’s Rent


The Gospel isn't about a city, state, or nation. Jesus is clear that all believers are responsible to help spread the Gospel. One way we can all help that happen is by equipping missionaries with the supplies and training they need to take the hope of Jesus to the other side of the world.

  • $10 - Provides Missionary Language Training
  • $25 - Provides Medical treatment for a refugee
  • $50 - Provides 5 Bibles for a church plant
  • $100 - Provides supplies to serve in a refugee camp
  • $300 - Provides a One Year licenses renewal for missionary doctor