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As the church, we are uniquely equipped to share the love of Christ with the resources he has made available to us. Below you will find ways we, and organizations we recommend, can help in moments of celebration, hurting, and needing.

Moments of Celebrating

There are special moments in all our lives that are an occasion to rejoice and celebrate. Some of these special moments are the birth of a child, moving to a new home, college acceptance and graduation, getting that dream job, or getting engaged or married. Let us celebrate with you by clicking the button below!

Moments of hurting

Hospital Visits

When illness or injury strikes, we are all affected emotionally and spiritually. Our Care Team is available to visit for prayer and encouragement if you, or someone you know, is hospitalized.


Whether it is expected or not, the loss of a loved one affects us deeply. Our Care Team is available to help with funeral preparation and funeral services for members and their immediate family.

Emotional & Mental Relief

Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • If you’re thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, the Lifeline network is available 24/7 across the United States.
  • 1-800-273-8255
  • Visit their website.
Crisis Text Line
  • We fight for the texter. Our first priority is helping people move from a hot moment to a cool calm, guiding you to create a plan to stay safe and healthy. YOU = our priority.
  • Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor
  • Visit their website.
The Exchange
  • While we do not employ professional counselors, our Pastoral Team and Care Team are available to meet with you to provide Biblical counseling and potentially help establish a long term mentoring relationship.
  • 417 N. Bierdeman Rd. Pearl, MS 39208
  • 601-397-6111
  • Request counseling or mentoring.
Crossroads Counseling Center
  • You can often find yourself at a point where problems, relationships, disappointments or life changes seem overwhelming. Crossroads Counseling Centers serve individuals and families by providing Christ-centered professional counseling that guides clients toward abundant living. With five convenient locations in Pearl, Ridgeland, Clinton, Laurel, and Hattiesburg, over 20 counselors and over 25 years experience Crossroads can help you overcome most of the difficult situations that life throws at you.
  • 5611 Highway 80 East, Pearl, MS 39208
  • 601-939-6634
  • Visit their website.
Reformed Theological Seminary Counseling Center
  • The Reformed Theological Seminary Counseling Center is a clinic which offers individual, marital, and family therapy to the greater Jackson area. It operates as a ministry of Reformed Theological Seminary and serves as a clinical training facility for advanced graduate students in Counseling. Fees for counseling services are minimal, adjusted according to the financial circumstances of the clients and are set at the first counseling session.
  • 5422 Clinton Blvd, Jackson, MS
  • 601-923-1645
  • Visit their website.
The Shepherd's Staff Counseling
  • Our goal is to help individuals, families, and couples overcome life obstacles and have an opportunity to lead normal lives. We do offer a sliding scale based on gross family income if you will be paying out of pocket.
  • 200 Park Circle Dr. Suite 1 Flowood, MS 39232
  • (601) 664-0455
  • Visit their website.
Faithful Counseling
  • Faithful Counseling is designed as a solution for people seeking traditional mental health counseling who would prefer hearing from the perspective of a Christian. If you are seeking a mental health professional who is a practicing Christian, Faithful Counseling may be a great option for you.
    Faithful Counseling's unique platform holds several advantages over traditional face-to-face therapy as it allows you:
    • The ability to connect with your counselor at any time: counseling is not limited to individually scheduled sessions, but can extend to text-based counseling whenever your counselor is marked available.
    • The choice of communicating with your counselor in the manner that is most comfortable and convenient for you--by phone, video call, or messaging.
    • Drastically more affordable rates than traditional face-to-face therapy.
    • The assurance that your counselor will be a good fit; you are always welcome to switch to a different counselor if need be.
  • Visit their website.
Center for Pregnancy Choices
  • The CPC Metro area is a nonprofit with medical clinics that are here to listen, encourage and equip those facing pregnancy decisions.  We have been serving the Jackson Metro area for over 30 years and have served over 20,000 women in our community.  The CPC is a licensed medical clinic that offers free services and physical support for both mother and child. The CPC is operated with individual, sensitive, and confidential care. Our staff is trained in integrity and procedural professionality.  Our mission is to protect the most vulnerable in our community and meet women exactly where they are with generosity and gentleness, not judgement.
  • 114 Office Park Plaza, Jackson, MS 39206
  • 2800 B. North State Street Jackson, MS 39216
  • 601-487-1063
  • Visit their website.

Physical Relief

National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the National Domestic Violence Hotline provides essential tools and support to help survivors of domestic violence so they can live their lives free of abuse. Contacts to The Hotline can expect highly-trained, expert advocates to offer free, confidential, and compassionate support, crisis intervention information, education, and referral services in over 200 languages.
  • 1-800-799-7233
  • Visit their website.
Center for Violence Prevention
  • The Center for Violence Prevention has a twenty-four hour crisis and referral line to assist in immediate needs.  Trained personnel will provide a wide range of references and resources. The center offers a shelter designed to help families who need a safe environment. We're very serious about confidentiality. There are services to help these people start a productive life, regardless of abusive relationships.
  • Crisis Line: 601-932-4198
  • Visit their website.
Shelter for Battered Families
  • The Jackson Shelter for Battered Families is designed to help victims of spouse abuse and their children during the critical time in life. The shelter provides the following services:
    • 30 day temporary emergency shelter
    • Support/Counseling–Emotional support, short term counseling and assistance in problem solving
    • Advocacy–Information and referral
  • 850 E. River Place, Jackson, MS 39202
  • Crisis Line: 601-366-0222
  • Visit their website.

Moments of Needing

Financial & Food Relief

LIHEAP Asisstance
  • So many Americans across the country miss out on benefits they’re entitled to, either because they weren’t aware that the benefits existed or because they didn’t know where to start. That’s why we do what we do. Our goal is to be your bridge to benefits.
    We help people who want to apply for government benefits by giving them the information to:
    • Understand the program’s requirements.
    • Learn about the application process.
    • Seek to get the most out of their benefits.
We give you the information you need so that you can apply for the benefits you deserve.
Mississippi Benevolence
  • We are a Christian based non-denominational, non-profit organization with a desire to meet the needs of low-income and needy residents of our area. Our mission is to respond to physical and emotional needs with the “Love of Jesus Christ” in order to build a bridge between their physical needs and the need in mankind to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our goal is to help people. Assistance is determined by an intake process and the resources currently available to MS Benevolence. Assistance provided by MSB could include, but is not limited to, providing home repairs, paying home mortgages or rent, or helping with utility bills. MSB also provides spiritual and financial counseling and is partnered with Christian Women’s Job Corps and Christian Men’s Job Corps.
  • 601-540-3643
  • Visit their website.
Gateway Rescue Mission
  • Gateway Rescue Mission serves the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless. We do this by providing tasty, nutritious meals for the body, a clean bed for the night, and a message of hope in Jesus Christ for the soul. We also offer programs for those seeking biblical life transformation.
  • 328 South Gallatin St, Jackson, MS 39203
  • 601-353-5864
  • Visit their website.
The Salvation Army
  • The Salvation Army provides assistance through social services, the Center of Hope Shelter, holiday assistance, disaster relief, and programs for children, youth, and seniors.
  • 110 Presto Lane, Jackson, MS 39206
  • 601-982-4881
  • Visit their website.
Hinds County Human Resource Agency
  • As the only Community Action Agency in Hinds County, Mississippi, Hinds County Human Resource Agency (HCHRA) strives to lift its citizens out of poverty conditions through an assortment of services offered to seniors, disabled or low-income individuals. With the utilization of case management system, clients have access to programs and services that foster economic empowerment and self-reliance.
  • 258 Maddox Rd, Jackson, MS 39212
  • 601-923-3930
  • Visit their website.
Rankin County Human Resource Agency
  • RCHRA is a government agency designated by the Rankin County Board of Supervisors in 1989. The agency was designated to operate anti-poverty programs in order to improve the economic and social conditions of residents, particularly moderate and low-income persons. The agency's purpose is to assist moderate and low-income households become stable and self-sufficient. The agency's mission is to design and provide a range of quality services and or activities in a cost effective and timely manner to moderate and low-income persons.
  • 1545 W Government St #C, Brandon, MS 39042
  • 601-825-1309
  • Visit their website.
Truitt Baptist Church Food Bank
Cornerstone Church Food Bank
  • Father’s Heart food pantry is open at 3:30 on Tuesdays for those who need food assistance.
  • 1950 Highway 80 East, Pearl, MS 39208
  • 601-420-4840
  • Visit their website.
Pinelake Care Center
  • We love our community and desire to meet needs and share Jesus with those around us. That’s why we have The Care Center at nearly every campus. It’s a resource center where families in need can come to receive food and encouragement and hear about Christ. We know life can be tough and that there are times when you need a little help. That's what The Care Center is all about. The Care Center offers food for families in need, but it's more than that, it's a place where you can find help and hope. If you or your family has a need, contact The Care Center near you to set up a time to meet with us.
  • Reservoir location: 103 F Marshall Rd, Brandon, MS 39047
  • 601-829-3501
  • Visit their website.
McLaurin Heights Methodist Church Food Pantry
  • For several years now McLaurin Heights UMC has maintained a food pantry on site. We serve over 2,000 people per year, donating over 50 lbs of food per family per month. Our food comes from the MS Food Network, food drives from local church and school groups and is bought through donations received. The food pantry operates three days a week (Tuesday Thursday). People can call 601.939.2163 on Tuesday or Wednesday between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. for pickup on the following day. There are NO walk-ins accepted.
  • 325 Mary Ann Dr, Pearl, MS 39208
  • 601-939-2163
  • Visit their Website.
Skyway Hills Church of Christ
  • Food and clothing are two of the five basic needs people have. At Skyway Hills, we have that covered! Here at Skyway Hills, we strive to be good neighbors. Every third Saturday from 9 am to 10:30 am we serve the needs of the community with our giveaway.
  • 3800 Highway 80 E, Pearl, MS 39288
  • 601-939-5473
  • Visit their website.
City of Pearl Senior Services
  • Congregate meal program has boxed lunches that are given out on Mondays, and frozen meals are delivered to homebound seniors. Seniors can be signed up for these programs through Rankin County Human Resources.
  • 110 Valentour Rd, Pearl, MS 39288
  • 601-863-3229
  • Visit their website.
Mississippi Food Network
  • We provide nourishing food to hungry Mississippians.
  • 440 W. Beatty Street Jackson MS 39201
  • 601-353-7286
  • Visit their website.
Ever Reaching Community Outreach
  • ERCO is a collective group of Christian believers comprised of different denominations whose mission is to be "doers of the Word and not hearers only" (James 1:22), and to "love because He first loved us" (1 John 4:19). We are personally committed to the teaching in James 2:14-16 and Isaiah 58:7 that calls us to "share our food with the hungry ... give clothes to those who need them."
  • 306 North Brooks Street Pelahatchie, MS 39145
  • 601-665-5720
  • Visit their website.

Housing Relief

The Opportunity Center
  • As the only day shelter in the city, Opportunity Center provides a safe, clean place for homeless men and women to be during the daytime hours. Open seven days a week, clients can take showers, wash clothes, store bags, receive mail, use telephones and computers as well as receive case management services and referrals to other resources. Resume and job search assistance is also provided. The computer lab is available to all of Stewpot’s clients as well as community members who need access to the Internet. This shelter serves over 100 people a day. Through a partnership with the City of Jackson, Opportunity Center is open 24 hours on days that the temperature is 32 degrees or below. Overnight shelter is provided to as many as 50 people when the other shelters in town are full.
  • 1100 W. Capitol St, Jackson, MS 39203
  • 601-353-2759
  • Visit their website.
Billy Brumfield Men’s Shelter
  • About: The Billy Brumfield Shelter, a shelter for up to 60 men a night, provides three services. It serves as an emergency shelter for homeless men, offering safe shelter, clean showers, nutritious food, and a supportive community. It also offers a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, supported by AA meetings, group and individual counseling, employment requirements, and a savings program. Finally, for men with medical disabilities, it provides support and a stable place to live as they navigate state and federal requirements to receive benefits and permanent housing.
  • 1244 S Gallatin St, Jackson, MS 39201
  • 601-948-2864
  • Visit their website.
The Salvation Army Center of Hope Shelter
  • The Center of Hope exists to give residents a hand up and not a hand out. This is an adult-only shelter that provides breakfast, dinner, counseling, and access to showers, laundry, and other amenities. Our residents are also provided assistance and tools to find employment. Transitional housing and emergency shelter are available.
  • 110 Presto Lane, Jackson, MS 39206
  • 601-982-4881
  • Visit their website.
Matt’s House
  • Named for our former Executive Director, Matt Devenney, this Emergency Shelter provides shelter for homeless women who have no other place to go. For over 300 guests a year, Matt’s House offers a safe, nurturing environment while staff assists residents in finding housing, employment, or transportation back to their families. The residents receive an evening meal and a light breakfast in addition to a safe place to sleep for the night.
  • 601-353-2759
  • Visit their website.
Shelter for Battered Families
  • The Jackson Shelter for Battered Families is designed to help victims of spouse abuse and their children during the critical time in life. The shelter provides the following services:
    • 30 day temporary emergency shelter
    • Support/Counseling–Emotional support, short term counseling and assistance in problem solving
    • Advocacy–Information and referral
  • 850 E. River Place, Jackson, MS 39202
  • Crisis Line: 601-366-0222
  • Visit their website.
Grace House
  • Grace House is a non-profit organization offering transitional and semi-permanent housing and support services for homeless men and women living with HIV/AIDS and women recovering from substance abuse. Many applicants who apply to Grace House have no resources, are homeless, and have limited or no contact with family members.
  • 236 Millsaps Ave, Jackson, MS 39202
  • 601-353-1038
  • Visit their website.
Teen Challenge - Brandon Women's Center
  • Since 1958, Adult & Teen Challenge® International USA centers have been recognized nationally as a provider of recovery services for those who desire to transform their lifestyle and develop a new life free from the devastation of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • 601-824-2630
  • Visit their website.

The Exchange

Financial assistance is available upon consideration by our care team. Our hope is to demonstrate the love of God to our church and community by helping with resources that God has made available to us. Although we are not always able to help no requests will go without prayerful consideration.