This reading plan is designed to encourage you to consistently spend time in Scripture, so it becomes a life-giving habit in your life.

The plan will take you through the entire New Testament in one year by reading one chapter 5 days a week.

Here’s how to get the most out of your Bible reading:

  • First, find today’s reading. 
  • Second, read God’s word prayerfully, asking God to encourage, correct, and guide you.
  • Third, use the S.O.A.P. acrostic to write in your LIFE Journal what God teaches you.
S = SCRIPTURE - Write out the Bible verse(s) that stood out to you most. Consider committing this to memory.
O = Observation - Write down what you learned from the verse(s), or any questions you may have. What stood out to you? What is something you may not have noticed before?
A = Application - Write down some ways you need to change to become more like Jesus. Is there a specific action you need to take, or a confession you need to make?
P = Prayer - Write down a prayer asking God to help you live out what you’ve learned.

How do I join the plan?

You can get weekly reminders about the reading plan through text by texting “BIBLE” to 601-397-6111. You can also get reminders through email by clicking here.
And you can pick up a LIFE Journal on Sunday mornings.

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